Thursday, 15 September 2011

Make Your Voice Heard

My Fellow Bermudians:

I beseech you all - - engage the political process and make your voice heard.  If you wish for the OBA to secure the seat now made vacant by John Barritt, vote in the by-election.  If you wish to have a PLP, UBP or independent candidate to take the seat, vote in the by-election.

Do not just do the "Bermudian" thing - which is to sit, complain, and do nothing on the day, and when it is all over, complain louder on talk shows and blogs.

A general election is coming sooner than you think - - we all need to be ready.  This is not an endorsement for either party, group or affiliation - - but to truly engage in change for our country - - we, the people, are the "true" government - - let us never forget that.

Yng Black Mind (those who know understand)

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