Monday, 31 October 2011

Statement - re: Carnival Cruise Line Pulls Out of Bermuda 2012


One man does not destroy the earth - - Minister Lister did not destroy Tourism by himself.  Carnival Cruise Lines are known to be the "cheap man's" cruise line, thus they would be pulling out of Bermuda - the most expensive cruise port on the East Coast of the USA ANYWAY - - they are not making the money they THOUGHT they would - - stone cold fact!

However, I will admit that the problems this summer with the buses, taxis, and transportation (which does include the Minister) solely rests on the shoulders of the BIU membership at DPT, including Chris Furbert, who supported A PERSON WHO DIDN'T PISS IN A CUP FOR 5 MONTHS!!  Additionally, you can include the inconsiderate, inept management team at DPT and the Transport Minister (The Acting Director of DPT and the PS of Transport - - they are the ones who could not agree to get things resolved and back up and running - - THE PROBLEM LIES THERE.)

So in a nutshell, Minister Lister can be blamed for this recent "pull-out" by Carnival, but when you look closer, you will see what is really going on - - then you can decide who to blame - - -

Yng Black Mind
(those who know understand)