Friday, 27 May 2011

State of Political Affairs - BDA version 2011

The creation of the OBA is nothing more than a last-ditch attempt to win electoral favour with those who are upset with the PLP – the current government.

I do not trust the current government (thanks to Aunt Paula’s recent comments as well as their track record overall); HOWEVER, this “combined” opposition is not favourable in my eyes. I was willing to look at the UBP and their candidates, as well as their platform for the next general election. I was even willing to consider the option from the BDA (they would not have placed a candidate in my area – a PLP stronghold).

But the fact that both the UBP and the BDA have combined just to win the next election, it is a slap in the face of all logical thinking Bermudians. Just a few months ago, you both could not agree on ideals and policy, but you now want me to believe that you “kissed and made up?”

Bad form of poli-tricks and we are not fooled. Former Opposition Leader, Kim Swan – I want to thank you for your long standing years of service to the community and country – you are a valuable voice and I hope you will continue to be about change for Bermuda. You are an honourable man – you would never say that the UBP party set you up from the beginning of your leadership to fail – how they strangled you and the party financially by having the UBP faithful withhold their monies – how they talked behind your back while smiling in your face – even how those “black” members of the UBP would lend their support only to realize they are “tokens” for the “white” minority of the higher level of UBP support base (yes, I’m talking about you Bob Richards and Cole Simmons).

Back to my point though, I cannot see myself voting for this new “combined” opposition – they are a group of BACKSTABBERS (UBP who decided to kill themselves and their party for the sake of winning) and TURNCOATS (BDA – who jumped ship when they didn’t get their way only to come back when they realized they don’t have the money or support to do anything – Mike Fahy, Pettingill, Crockwell – that means you). This puts me in a weird position as I can’t vote for the current government – they are a bunch of untrustworthy (Premier – if you can’t trust me, that means you are unworthy of trust), inept (Transport Minister – last year, there wasn’t a problem with the cruises/ferries/taxis/buses – strange, huh?), self-serving (pick a Minister – but Blakeney comes to mind?)

This is a call to all people who love this country/island/community – whatever you want to call it – - It is time to make sure our voices are heard. If you feel that the government is not doing right by you, speak on it – and not on the talk shows. Go to the Cabinet Office, Go to that Minister’s office – if they don’t want to talk to you, then you get others to do the same. Once they understand you will not go away quietly, they will either listen or not. If not, you then exercise your God-giving right to vote for an alternative. At this point, UNTIL A BETTER SOLUTION IS PROVIDED, my ballot may include my own name as a candidate – - I can’t do any worst.

Yng Black Mind (those who know understand)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The day after - May 22,2011

We were are still here. I do not make fun of anyone or point fingers, thus there is nothing else to say about yesterday's prediction.

Moving forward, we should be able to focus on what's important for our island home. Education, crime, economic stability.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas about the above mentioned topics and any others you feel are equally as important.

Yng Black Mind
(those who know understand)

Friday, 20 May 2011

Welcome and 1st Entry - May 20, 2011

Welcome would-be readers and thinkers!

This blog was created to evoke thought and action within the minds and spirits of Young Bermudians.  Our island is faced with many challenges without a clear plan to the future.  Please use this blog as an avenue for free expression, political discussion, and open dialogue.

Welcome to the "Thoughts of a Yng Black Mind"

Yng Black Mind
(those who know understand)